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Protect each other with the 1 Million Euro MASK
Protect each other with the 1 Million Euro MASK

Spring is

Photography by
Kimberly Ihre

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Everyone is talking about sustainability. We have been working on it. Since 2007. Discover our new Spring Collection, eco & fair for people and the planet. Let’s make better choices, together! Choose wisely

We believe in nice and slow clothing, not in quick and cheap fashion. That's why we focus on long-lasting looks made of high-quality materials that will guide you through spring and beyond!

In spring, nothing stays the same; all signs point to new. We also challenge the status quo to make you feel even better in your second skin. Discover values turned into wardrobe, produced in an environmentally friendly way, products for people who not only want to dress well but also want to feel right – because you are what you wear!

For us, sustainability is not a PR slogan but a process. We challenge ourselves to change and improve constantly. Sustainability means social justice and the responsible use of resources. That's why ARMEDANGELS is certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard and is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. Both organizations stand for demanding ecological, sustainable, and social standards. Learn more about our innovative Materials and get to know our trusted partners.


Kimberly Ihre

Kimberly Ihre works as a visual artist and art director in Berlin and Stockholm, where she studied visual communication at the renowned Beckmans College of Design. In her photography, women hold a special place. She questions what it means to be a "strong woman." For the photographer, strength and vulnerability are not contradictory but form a synthesis. Another focus of her work lies in fashion photography. Here she works for independent titles such as Indie and Metal Magazine.

For ARMEDANGELS, Kimberly has shot the current Spring Collection.